Forgotten Author of the Week - Phillip Ridley

Philip Ridley is a British artist working with various media. Born in the East End of London,England, he works and lives as an artist, playwright, and author. He studied painting at St. Martin's School of Art and is work has been exhibited throughout Europe and Japan. He started out as a performance artist, known for his dark works. Very dark works. Slowly, over the years, Ridley has extended his art forms to include playwriting, of which he has won numerous awards. He has also worked as a filmmaker, his work having showed at the Cannes Film Festival. His first short story Embracing Verdi was published in 1986, followed by over a dozen books and published stories. Despite these other mediums though, Ridley sees himself as first and foremost as a storyteller.

Ridley has written three books for adults, five adults stage plays, and five plays for young people: Karamazoo, Fairytaleheart, Moonfleeve, Sparkleshark, and Brokenville. Some of his children's books include Scribbleboy, Kasper in the Glitter, Mighty Fizz Chilla, ZinderZunder, Vinegar Street, and Krindlekraz, many of which have won awards or been nominated. Lastly, Ridley is a photographer, his photos having been on books and in exhibits. Truly a jack of all trades, Ridley is an author who should never be forgotten.