A Catfish Tale by Whitney Stewart Book Review

A Catfish Tale by Whitney Stewart
Illustrations by Gerald Guerlais
Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company
Release Date: January 1, 2014

Jack lives deep in the bayou along with his beautiful wife. When Jack catches a magic fish that offers to grant a wish in exchange for being set free, Jack can't think of a single thing he wants--but his wife can. She wishes for a mansion with a balcony to sing one, a paddleboat, fame, money. The fish never seems to be troubled by the wishes, but perhaps things have gone a bit too far.

Jack has a really terrible wife. She is not content with her life with Jack. Instead she wants, no demands, fame and fortune from the catfish. A Catfish Tale does read like an old Louisiana fairy tale, but there was a lack of resolution in the end. Did the catfish take it all back or did Jack's wife simply learn her lesson. Jack was willing to do anything for his wife because he loved her, but it wasn't until things got out of control that she even considered going back to her "old" life. I am not entirely sure that she actually learned her lesson although lucky for her Jack loves her just as much in the end as he did in the beginning. The illustrations were vibrant and colorful. I absolutely loved the catfish.