Slam! by Adam Stower Book Review

Slam! A Tale of Consequences by Adam Stower
Publisher: Owlkids books
Release Date: March 18, 2014

Through a series of butterfly effect events, crazy things begin to happen around one boy and his dog as they walk through the town. Wearing headphones and completely unaware of the calamity ensuing around him, they walk together as the town descends into chaos all because he slammed a door.

This is one very busy book. There is a lot to see on each page, which definitely makes this more of a one on one book rather than something that can be used at storytime. There isn't too much of a storyline beyond the one mentioned above. Beyond sounds there are barely any words, which made for a rather dull story despite some gripping illustrations. Like the Weasels book, this is one of those books for kids who just love sitting for long periods of time looking through pictures and finding every detail they can.