How to Cheer Up Dad by Fred Koehler Book Review

How to Cheer Up Dad by Fred Koehler
Publisher: Dial
Release Date: March 20, 2014

Little Jumbo simply can't understand why his dad is having such a bad day. It can't be the raisins he spit out at the ceiling, or the bath he refused to take, but Little Jumbo has a plan to cheer his dad up.

A cute book that kids and parents will both relate to, How to Cheer Up Dad left me both smiling and wanting a little bit more. There is a wonderful mischievousness to Little Jumbo, yet there was never any understanding on his part, never any accountability that it was his actions that were upsetting his dad. There is of course, a Where the Wild Things Are ending with an of-course-I-love-you theme, but it was missing some of that magic. I did like that it was just a dad and child, which would make it perfect for Father's Day and single dads.