Peggy by Anna Walker Book Review

Peggy by Anna Walker
Publisher: Clarion Books
Release Date: March 5, 2014

Peggy lives in a small house in a quiet street. Then, on a blustery day Peggy finds herself scooped up by the wind and blown into the city. Things are marvelous and strange, but all Peggy wants to do is find her way home.

Children are really going to love this jaunty adventure featuring a very brave chicken and some beautiful illustrations. Peggy notices things that children would notice, bringing the perspective down to their level in a way that is never condescending. There is the never ending crush of the city with it's endless umbrellas and people, but Peggy weathers it all and eventually finds that although she does want to return home, sometimes a visit into the city every now and then isn't such a bad thing. With sparse text and engaging art, this would be a great read for a storytime or for those kids who love a quiet adventure.